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 1  This is a walk-through on how to add a location for your store. Please note if your store has multiple locations, please create multiple locations in AVOCADO Dashboard. Please open Avocado Dashboard and click on Locations

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 2  Click Add Location

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 3  Click Select Store and Select appropriate store that this location belongs to

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 4  Click Location Name *

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 5  Type Location Name *

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 6  Click Search for store

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 7  Type Search for store

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 8  Next configure delivery. AVOCADO partners with several delivery companies. If you are not sure, you can reach out to AVOCADO representative to configure delivery for you. Select delivery service Deliv

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 9  Select delivery radius 

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 10  Select service fees you want to charge the customers. Scroll down and click Service Fees

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 11  Scroll down and click Time to Prepare Order

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 12  Select Type of Delivery

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 13  Configure a delivery fee you would like to charge your customers. Click Delivery Fees

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 14  Scroll down and click Cost per bag *

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 15  Select Enable Escalation

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 16  Select Pickup Instructions

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 17  This section is to configure Pickup. Select Time to Prepare Order 

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 18  Click Add Store

Step 18 image

 19  Congratulations the new location has been created. Scroll up to see the  Location ID

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 20  Copy the store location

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 21  That's it. You're done.

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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