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 1  This is a walkthrough of how to create a store in AVOCADO Dashboard. The first step is to open Avocado Dashboard and click Stores

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 2  To add a new store Click Add Store

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 3  Fill out Name of the store. Click Name *

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 4  Type Name *

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 5  Then add the Retailer type, it is important to choose the correct retail type so that users can discover your store under the correct type. Click Retailer Type

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 6  Then select any Categories *

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 7  Then add the type of service that you would like to enable for your store. You can select "Browse", "Pickup", and "Delivery". Select Service

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 8  Add description about your store. Click Description 

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 9  Type Description

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 10  You can add your own Pricing Policy for your store. Default AVOCADO pricing policy applies if you do not have any Pricing Policy here. Click Pricing Policy

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 11  You can add your own Return Policy for your store. Default AVOCADO Return Policy applies if you do not have any Return Policy here. Click Return Policy

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 12  Delivery hours should be same as Store Hours. Next, set delivery hours for your store by clicking Delivery Hours. 

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 13  Set the appropriate store hours.

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 14  You can click on the Copy symbol to copy same store hours to all days. Click Copy symbol

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 15  You can change hours for certain days

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 16  Add your Store logo

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 17  Next Click Add Store

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 18  Congratulations you have successfully added a store

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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