How to replace an item with a custom item

This is a walk-through of how to replace an item with a custom item. Sometimes you may need to replace an item, but the replacement item may not be available in your store listing. In that case, you can replace an item with a custom item and a custom price. Please see step by step instructions in the video below:

1. To replace an item, tap on "Not Available". Next see the search results for choosing the item. If you are not able to find an item, in the search results. Tap Cancel on Search bar. 

2. Tap "Unlisted Item" on the bottom. A new dialog with custom item details would open. 

3. Please enter the appropriate quantity, brand, name, price in the store etc. for the item. You can also add the picture of the item and bar code of the item (by scanning it). 

You can also change the Size/Packaging. Please note, price is as per specified Size/Packaging. For example ea(for each) or lb.

Some examples of when you would need to use this feature. You may have to replace an item when you are picking a different brand than ordered by the customer. Or lets say a customer ordered organic tomatoes and you have regular tomatoes etc.

Please tap on "Add Item" button. This will replace the item. 

And thats it you are done.

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