How to Shop for an Order

Hello! This is a walk-through of how to shop for order for your store. 

See the video below for step by step instructions:

1. Go to Menu, then Tap on Shopper. If you are not seeing the Shopper section on the menu, contact

Please note you need to be invited as a shopper for that particular store to see any orders for that store.

2. All your order summary will show up on the top. Tap on your order summary. Here you will see all your upcoming orders along with “Prepare By” information. 

3. Select the order you want to shop by clicking on “Start Order”.

4. Check the item and the quantity of the item to be shopped. Once shopped, tap the green button “Shopped” for that item. If the quantity is more than 1, it will prompt you to check the quantity to make sure you shopped the right quantity. 

Tap Ok to confirm the quantity, or Tap “New Quantity” to change the quantity of the item shopped.

5. Next, we will show you how to replace an item, if it is not available. Tap on “Not Available”. On the next screen you will see replacement options. If you find the correct replacement option, add the correct quantity and tap Select”. The item has been successfully replaced. 

6. Once the order is shopped Tap on complete shopping. Next please add the number of Bags. The order is now shopped. 

7. The order is now ready to be picked up by the driver. When the driver comes to pickup the order. The order will not show as “ready to be shipped”. Please go back to the order in the Shopper section and tap on "Handoff Order". You have successfully handed off the order to the driver. 

You will now get a notification that the order has now been purchased. 

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