AVOCADO Refund Policy

AVOCADO has a customer friendly refund policy. At the same time we try to balance our service to the community and stores during these times.

For essential items, if the customer does not explicitly prohibit the shoppers from replacing items (as allowed via app at the time of purchase). AVOCADO shoppers are instructed to replace the items with the best match.

During these times, due to corona virus and shortage of inventory, please understand stores may not have same brand and the same size item so you may end up getting different brand (sometimes unlisted) or sometimes multiple smaller items (could be more expensive than ordered initially). Please indicate your flexibility. It is our policy to not issue refunds for replacements made in this spirit during these times.

Please understand that the items sent to you are the items someone else is not getting.

Due to heavy volumes and limited shopper availability shopper app may not reflect the exact replacement made. Please send us a message at hello@avocadonext.com in case such billing errors happen. We will refund you the difference.

If you aren’t satisfied with the condition of a grocery product that you receive from us, please send us pictures at hello@avocadonext.com. We will work with the store to process the refund as appropriate. We will accept such refund requests up to 7 days from date of delivery.

For non-perishable items above $20, we may request you to return the item before we can issue a refund.  We may send a driver to pick up the item(s) or you can return it back to the store within 30 days and provide the store with AVOCADO order number.

Once the item arrives back at the store, the store will issue your refund.

It takes 3-5 days for refunds to appear in your credit card statement.

We have noticed certain banks taking up to 15 days to reflect refunds during the COVID-19 times.

You can contact us at hello@avocadonext.com in case of any issues with the items you receive.

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