Service Notices

Service notices during the high demand period due to COVID-19. 

  1. We may temporarily suspend operations due to COVID-19 until then we wish to service as many people as possible and do our part in helping stop the spread. Please let your friends and loved ones know of our service so they could be safe from crowded places.
  2. Due to high demand you may see some service disruptions, we are working with the stores as well as our drivers to have enough capacity for the increased demand.
  3. We are increasing capacity another 3-fold starting March 16th. This would help us service the increased surge of demand during these tumultuous times.
  4. There are a lot of items out of stock at this point in time so: It would be helpful if you could be very flexible with what you are getting. In the item instructions let the shopper know everything they could replace with (brands and sizes like 10lbx2 etc.) Flexible and specific instructions will help the shoppers in shopping orders. There might be price differences you may have to contend with. Also note that just specifying "Replace with best match" is not enough. Shoppers tend to look for 1 or two specific alternatives for items even those may be out of stock. Let them know in the shopper instructions or item instructions how you see this.
  5. We are tracking this issue closely and depending on the guidance from health officials in California, we may choose to temporarily suspend operations at any point in time. This may result in some orders being canceled we apologize in advance for that. Safety of everyone takes precedence.
  6. Please help our drivers stay safe (so you may also stay safe): 
    • For customers in gated buildings (without gate code, or any other way to get in): We are training our drivers to drop the bags near the gate and wait for you to come and pickup.
    • For all other customers where the drivers are able to reach your front door. We are instructing our drivers to drop the bags and ring the bell and leave.
  7. Due to the high-risk nature of the job, we are having a hard time finding drivers. Hence, we will be temporarily increasing the prices of items. In addition to helping us acquire and adequately compensate drivers, this will also help keep supply available for people who really need the service.
  8. In the same spirit, we will be adding an optional tip feature for the drivers. Please feel free to reward the drivers for their outstanding commitment towards service.

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