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AVOCADO provides an exclusive link for your store in AVOCADO Dashboard. On your website, you can add a link for users to order for same day delivery. All you have to do is create a button for "Same Day Delivery" and link it to the provided link. The link would look something like below:

If you have a shopify site, see step by step guide to add a link below:


 1  The first step is to open Shopify Dashboard. Go to Online Store and  click Navigation

Step 1 image

 2  Next Click Main menu

Step 2 image

 3  Click Add menu item

Step 3 image

 4  Click Name

Step 4 image

 5  Type Same Day Delivery as Name 

Step 5 image

 6  Click Link

Step 6 image

 7  AVOCADO provides a unique link for your store in your AVOCADO dashboard. If you are having problem locating the link - email us at Type your store's AVOCADO Same Day Delivery Link 

Step 7 image

 8  Choose the link 

Step 8 image

 9  Click Add

Step 9 image

 10  Scroll down and click Save menu

Step 10 image

 11  And that's it. You're done. Now users can order for same day delivery right from your website.

Step 11 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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