AVOCADO Store Price Guarantee

Get the convenience of shopping online with absolute peace of mind!

Special considerations:

  • If you find items lower priced in-store or in their web store, we will refund you the difference on the total receipt amount.
  • You can request for a refund within 7 days of placing an order. Please note the prices that we will compare with are the receipt prices that we get from the servicing store.

Our AVOCADO Shopping Store Price Guarantee does not cover:

  • Our store price guarantee is based on the regular price of items from the location/web-store where the order is picked from. Stores may have promotions from time to time. We do not guarantee to match prices with any store promotions or club prices. Please note, AVOCADO Shopping provides its own online promotions from time to time due to our extensive partnerships with brands. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is AVOCADO Shopping is able to provide Store Price Guarantee ?

Our model is very different from competitors in this space. We work with community based stores where store owners are passionate about serving their customers. Your orders are shopped with care by the store owners or store shoppers. They communicate directly with you if anything is out of stock and suggest you with great substitutions.  

We reduce our cost significantly with this model. We work with futuristic technologies on the delivery side including self-driving cars, robots and drone delivery companies to reduce the delivery cost for our customers.

What is a servicing store?

Servicing store is the store or web store which services/fulfills the order. We receive a receipt from the servicing store. Based on the store, store may service the order from any number of their store locations or through their web store department.

Do you have exactly same prices as the store on the AVOCADO Shopping App?

We provide AVOCADO Dashboard to our stores. Stores can change prices on the dashboard as they change prices in store. Due to time constraints, sometimes stores are not able to change prices on our Dashboard and hence there can be a price difference. To provide customers with peace of mind we provide AVOCADO Store Price guarantee so you don't have to pay more than you pay at the servicing store. We have observed the prices could be lower for some items on AVOCADO and higher on some due to ever changing prices on the servicing store.

How do you calculate the refund amount?

We look at the entire receipt for that order and if the charge on the whole order is more than the receipt charge from the servicing store, we will refund you the difference.

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